Devotion to the Lord is really a form of discipline for reaching the goal. The seeker should not stop with the acquisition of devotion, nor pay so much attention to the love he has for the Lord, but rather on the love and grace the Lord bestows on him. One should always be eager to find out what behaviour and what actions will be most pleasing to the Lord. Inquire about that, yearn for that, and carry out the things that will secure that objective. But people do not generally follow this ideal. They pay more attention to the love that the devotee has for the Lord and, in the process, do not pay much attention to the righteousness and the work that the Lord appreciates. Whatever a devotee does, plans or observes should draw down the grace of God. One should not be subject to one’s own will but be in accordance with His Will. The devotee should test every thought and feeling on the touchstone of the Lord’s declared preferences.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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